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5 Goldcrest Views Amenities That Make Ultra-Luxury Possible

Not having to mow the lawn every once in a while is pretty great. But of course, the most attractive benefit of apartment living is the amenities. These are the extra features; you would otherwise have to pay a premium for easy access. No, we’re not talking about the laundry rooms or the parking space. We’re talking about the things that you look forward to after returning to your apartment every evening.

These include a beautiful view of the city, a rooftop swimming pool, common sitting areas, gym & fitness facilities, and a 24 hours concierge. These things go above and beyond the mere basics to make your life that much better. However, not all buildings are developed equally. Some take extra care to bring these very necessities into their everyday lifestyle. Such as the latest residential project of Giga Group, Goldcrest Views.

Giga group has launched Goldcrest Views. A project that aims to bring Dubai’s Ultra-Luxury and modern Lifestyle to Pakistan. It’s a 7 Tower residential project that offers Dubai-style apartments right in the heart of the twin cities. Interested people can get 1, 2, 3 & 4 bedroom apartments in either of the seven residential towers. Besides, studio apartments and penthouses are also available. Each will have its own set of exclusive as well as shared facilities to meet its needs. Below are the five Goldcrest Views amenities that make ultra-luxury possible.

Mesmerizing Views

The project is located in the heart of the twin cities, and every building has a multi-story structure. So residents can witness mesmerizing views of the cities as well as the Margalla hills from the rooftop. Imagine witnessing the snow-covered mountains of the Margalla Hills in the winters or the lush green landscape of DHA Phase 2 and Islamabad every morning. Yeah! It’s that great.

Rooftop Swimming pool

Whether you are stopping by just for some relaxation, want to socialize with like-minded individuals, keep an everyday routine or just enjoy the rooftop views, a swimming pool – and especially a rooftop one – is a luxury everyone enjoys, yet only a few offer. Thankfully, Goldcrest Views offers a well-maintained rooftop pool for the residents, which will be handled by trained staff. PS: as an added bonus, residents can also access the steam rooms and saunas.

Common Area For Hangouts

Isn’t it nice to have a common area where you can host guests, read your favorite book or catch up with the neighbors for the latest gossip making the rounds in your part of the town? Here at Goldcrest Views, residents will be able to enjoy beautifully designed and decorated lobbies to just catch up with everyone and everything in life.


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