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10 Fantastic Facilities of Goldcrest Views Apartments

Pakistan’s residential landscape is changing. Residential complexes are mushrooming up in major cities of the country. While every project claims to be the best, not all of them come close to one project that’s truly a highlight. Giga Group has distinguished itself from the rest by ideating, developing, and delivering mega structures. From low-rise residential (such as Defence Residency) to high-rise residential (Lignum Tower) and sprawling commercial hubs (like Giga Mall), Giga Group prides itself on delivering it all.

The latest venture Goldcrest Views is another feather in the cap. It promises a Dubai lifestyle in the heart of the Capital. The view is a residential complex consisting of not one or two but multiple distinguishable 40-story high-rise towers. Because it’s inspired by a Dubai lifestyle, It’s a beautiful amalgamation of features and conveniences that take the lifestyle to a new high. The project aims to cater to the residential needs of medium and high-income salaried and business classes. Today, we’re taking a look at 10 fantastic facilities that make Goldcrest Views truly a highlight among other residential projects. So, let’s begin.

Power Backup

An uninterrupted power supply is essential for a peaceful life today. Each apartment in Goldcrest Views will have a power backup facility 24×7. That means you will never face power outages, voltage fluctuations, or load shedding. It is pertinent to mention here that Giga Group recently inaugurated a brand new grid station in Downtown Giga to cater to the growing needs of the community.


Parking is a major problem in our cities. Especially in residential complexes, there’s not enough space to accommodate all the vehicles. Goldcrest Views will offer smart card-enabled spacious car parking so that even your visitors feel at ease. It will have multi-story parking lots that will be enough to cater to the needs of the residents.

Security system

Security is a major concern for families. But, it won’t be a problem in Goldcrest Views. Like other Giga Group projects, Goldcrest Views will have a 24×7 CCTV surveillance system covering all the buildings’ major and minor entry points. Receptions will also be guarded to ensure maximum security.

Senior Citizens

Everyone has a senior member of the family. To aid senior citizens, Goldcrest Views will provide structural aids, ramps, safety features, and exclusive areas that help them with routine life. Besides, the community of Goldcrest views will have podium-level facilities that will help senior citizens lead a normal social life.

Water supply

Water is the basis of life and an important facility to consider for any residential area. Our water supply will run 24×7, and every apartment will be charged according to its use.

Private Gyms and Spas

There will also be fitness clubs to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. The club will offer a segregated gym, yoga, and other facilities to keep the residents fit and healthy for everyday life.

Ecofriendly design

Goldcrest Views has a very eco-friendly design. The eco-friendly buildings will make the most use of sunlight, save energy, and fulfill your basic natural resources requirements.

Proximity Areas

Goldcrest Views is located at the prime location of DHA Phase 2 Islamabad. All the major hospitals and educational facilities are located nearby. That’s not all; Islamabad’s largest shopping mall and a commercial hub Giga Mall is just walking distance away. So, all the facilities for living a peaceful and happy life will be within the reach of the residents.

Sports & Recreation

No doubt, life is dull and boring without sports and recreation. Views promise indoor as well as outdoor games for rejuvenating your soul. It will also have a rooftop infinity pool where you can swim and enjoy the views simultaneously.

On-site maintenance

For a smooth, carefree, and peaceful life, Views will offer on-site maintenance. Residents will have the facility to dial the maintenance staff during work hours and get instant support. No need to run errands and search for a professional.

So, what are you waiting for? The booking for Goldcrest Views is now open. You can book your apartment and enjoy a Dubai Lifestyle in the heart of DHA 2 Islamabad by visiting this link!

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